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Management Consulting

As a CPA firm with extensive national and international experience in financial and management consulting, we partner with our clients in addressing, not just their accounting, tax and financial needs, but in strategizing their positioning in growth opportunities within their specific industry, identifying strengths for expansion, and understanding the markets they operate as well as their patient/customer needs.

Computer Consulting -QuickBooks

As Quickbooks Pro Advisors, we have mastered the nuances of this small business accounting system and have become extremely proficient in setting up the appropriate industry standard Chart of Accounts in an expedient manner.   We are dedicated to training and enabling our clients to become self sufficient in the system, should they so desire.  Our expertise extends in using technology for our clients to reduce their cost and maximize their efficiencies.

Accounting & Auditing

Properly setting up the accounting system and processes is critical to every firm in remaining competitive and in identifying cost saving strategies and increased revenue opportunities. Our expertise in the industries we serve has enabled us to bring value to our clients through proper accounting measurements and techniques.

Tax Planning

Whether on an individual or corporate level, our tax planning expertise is invaluable and saves our clients, thousands, and even tens of thousands of tax dollars.   Each situation is unique, however, the end result is the same;  and it is that of saving tax dollars that would have otherwise been paid unnecessarily. The tax code is extremely complex and the opportunities for saving real tax dollars abound.   We serve as that conduit to our clients.

Tax Preparation - Corporate & Individual - Multi State

Our client base expands beyond the borders of our State and into every State with a tax law. We have the knowledge, capability, and wherewithal to prepare individual and corporate income tax returns for every State, City or Municipality that may impose an income tax on their residents. We also prepare part-year resident as well as non resident income tax returns.

Electronic Filing

All of the tax returns that we prepare are filed electronically, (unless they do not qualify for electronic filing) at no additional cost to our clients. Our system transmits the tax returns directly into the IRS's system eliminating any re-keying errors. Where refunds are expected we set those up for direct deposit. Refunds are expedited as a result of electronic filing and direct deposit. Our clients have become accustomed to receiving their refunds in an expedient manner.

Divorce Tax Issues

Tax issues related to divorce are often overlooked or taken for granted by one or both parties. Without proper representation and professional oversight, as it relates to tax implications in a divorce, many times one of the parties will be more adversely affected to the tune of thousands, if not, tens of thousands of dollars. Our firm has extensive experience with divorce cases, in not just assisting the divorce attorney in drafting the language in the divorce decree, but in the analysis and calculations of the raw numbers. Too many times it’s not just the numbers, but what’s behind those numbers and how they will influence the tax implications in the current as well as future tax years. Nothing is more critical than having a team who understands these issues and reach out beyond what appears at face value. Our critical thinking process and professional expertise in this arena has been imperative in protecting our clients from undue tax burdens to which they would have otherwise been subject with no relief.

Financial Planning

These services are rendered within our Securities Licenses Series 7 and Series 66. Compliance with the SEC and FINRA does not allow us to elaborate on this website on these services. Please feel free to contact us directly so that we can discuss in person with you the Services we offer in wealth management, investment strategies, and other areas of financial planning as a registered representative advisor.

Retirement & Estate Planning

Retirement and Estate Planning are areas that are never complete but require ongoing analysis and strategizing paradigms. We continuously work with our clients in exploring the myriad nuances that make up the retirement arena. This is an area of much need as more and more folks near retirement as well as those who are planning well in advance. We have extensive experience in this area and we're instrumental in helping our clients navigate through the various decision making crossroads.

Business Plans

Whether an established Corporation or a start-up business, every successful company should have a business plan. Laying these out is not always straight-forward. Although we are believers that every business owner must create their own business plan, many don't know where to start and we play a significant part in direction, layout, and content in producing a viable guideline for business success.

Business Valuation

Although we are proficient in understanding the various methods of Business Valuation, our firm coordinates this service with CPA professionals who make this area the specialty in their practice. This area requires very specific knowledge and will produce different results based on the methodology used, which is why it is imperative to use a CPA firm who specializes in the area.

Write-up and Bookkeeping Services

Through our training and automation, most of our clients are self-sufficient in maintaining their books and records and reach out to us for clarification on classification and other issues and to discuss areas of concern or where there may exist some doubt.   There is a small number of our clients for whom we provide record keeping services on an ongoing basis, either on our system or remotely onto their own in-house system.

Financial Reporting: Audits, Review & Compilations

The importance of a company's ability to generate accurate financial reports that will assist its owners to make wise business decisions cannot be over emphasized. Cash flow reports and reports of revenue and expenses are the lifeline of the viability of the company and it is essential these are generated on a regular basis with accuracy. It is also imperative that business income tax returns, whether partnerships or corporations, are prepared to conform to the Company's Financials. As a result, most, if not all companies are required to make year-end adjustments. We prepare these year-end adjustments, whether these are corrections, reclassifications, or calculations for depreciation and amortization and generate a year-end Compilation report consisting of financial statements and financial position which match the income tax returns which are ultimately filed with the federal and state governments.

Business Setup: Choice of Entity (LLC, S Corp, etc...)

Before a new business venture is created, the decision as to the type of entity under which to operate is first and foremost. It is imperative the best choice of entity is selected as this will have a significant impact on the operations of the business as well as the tax implications.  We take our time to educate our clients about the different types of entities - whether it is a Sole Proprietorship, an LLC, a Partnership, an S Corp, or a C Corporation - and to evaluate how these will impact them.

Computer Automation

We are excited to say that all of our clients are fully automated, whether through us and our training or in their own offices. We are big believers in using technology to reduce costs and increase efficiencies. As technology evolves and improves, we are in the forefront to capitalize on its benefits. The days of manual processing are long gone. There is no need to write manual checks, etc. In fact, with online banking, all of your processing can be done online and updated into your accounting system to record these transactions to the Company's books and generate the periodic reporting that will assist management in the decision making process.