Company History
Natic Taylor & Company, LLC or NTC (formerly ENC) was formed in 1992 with the goal to provide superior and valuable services as well as solutions to individuals and businesses alike. We are a dynamic business practice firm comprised of industry leading professionals & CPAs who have a passion for the work we do and those we serve. We provide solutions to meet client needs and satisfy compliance requirements. We partner with our clients and become an integral part of their business to maximize their potential to succeed, expand, and grow. Read More ...

We specialize in the service sector – (Health Care, Legal, Consulting, IT, Engineering, RE, and other personal services entities) – continuously delivering true value to them through our methodology and applied technology. We help our clients streamline their operations and through the reporting of accurate financial statements in concert with our year-round tax planning, save them tens of thousands of dollars in taxes.

If you are serious about your business and in need of a true partner with proven results, you have arrived and we are here to serve you.

Natic Taylor & Company, LLC (NTC)
Our parent company devoted to ensuring our clients maintain an accounting system to record and report transactions reflective of the operations of the business. NTC is also the engine to provide individualized tax planning and tax savings. Furthermore, we are the compliance arm to meet government requirements in tax reporting.

A partner in the NTC structure, ENC has an established track record of service since its inception in 1992. The Company has served hundreds of satisfied clients, meeting their accounting, financial, payroll, tax, health & retirement plans, and many other business needs.

Fundamental Wealth Advisors, LLC (FWA)
FWA specializes in retirement, estate & financial planning, insurance, and investment advisory services. We believe there is significant overlap between the accounting and tax planning and the financial planning & investment management, which encompass, among other, insurance (health, life, LTC, disability, etc.), as well as investment tools and strategies. As such, FWA is committed to your entire financial world and we work with you to ensure we have covered all aspects impacting your finances. Our own in-house full time financial and investment advisors enable us to provide a comprehensive review of all your financial needs.

General Solutions Associates, LLC (GSA)
Founded in 1999, GSA is our specialized entity in telecommunications and information services within the US and abroad. At the core of the GSA approach is the principal of a hierarchy of needs for telecommunications and information services. We specialize in FCC DAC audits, Compliance and Regulatory services for those companies in the telecommunication industry. We are a leader in this arena with a proven record. Please reference our dedicated website:

Edwin Natic, CPA

“We take a genuine interest in our clients. Right from the start, we immerse ourselves in partnership with our clients to address and meet their needs. We are passionate about our work and our service to our clients. A devoted care and commitment to our clients, our work, our families, our communities and each other, resonates throughout our firm continuously. Our commitment to professionalism, courtesy and excellence is evident in all we do. We believe it is this commitment that continues to bless us in success and is contagious to the clients we serve in their success - who value us as much as we value them.”

Edwin Natic, CPA, Chairman & CEO, Natic Taylor & Company, LLC